With its slick skyscrapers, charming narrow alleyways and bustling crowds, part of the beauty of Tokyo is the anonymity it offers to visitors. As such, this truly unique city is the perfect place for adventure seekers to travel solo. If 2024 comes with aspirations to travel to the Japanese capital with only yourself to take care of, check out our guide on the best things to do in Tokyo for solo adventure seekers.

Take a stroll through Ueno Park

Get away from the hustle and bustle of this pulsating city and enjoy some tranquillity at Ueno Park. This extensive green space provides a fabulous contrast to the busy skyline of Tokyo and is the perfect place to gather your thoughts and relax. Perhaps one of the most memorable times to visit Ueno Park is during the spring, when the cherry blossom trees burst into bloom. Meandering round the tree-lined paths that wind through this sprawling park is the perfect place for solo travellers to recharge the batteries before embarking on more adventure in the pulsating Japanese city.

Experience the wellbeing benefits of Senso-ji

No trip to Tokyo is complete without a visit to Senso-ji. With its first iteration completed in 645AD, this Buddhist temple is the oldest temple in Tokyo. It is also one of the most widely visited religious sites in the world, attracting around 30 million visitors a year. With a cauldron in front of the temple burning incense, locals and tourists alike gather outside, eager to reap the wellbeing benefits the incense is believed to provide – the perfect place for solo travellers to experience a rich and memorable cultural experience.

Sakuri Japanese Tea Experience

For solo travellers yearning an authentic Japanese beverage, then head to a quaint and charming shop known as the Sakuri Tea Experience. Founded by Shinya Sakuri, who took nearly a decade and a half to master the trade of tea-making, the shop is the perfect spot to become acquainted with this long-established tradition, and the patience and hard-work that it requires. Visitors sit opposite Sakuri as he prepares their choice of tea, in this memorable tea-making ceremony, which is both illuminating and meditative.

Kuge Crafts

For solo adventure seekers looking for something crafty, then make your way to Kuge Crafts, a ceramics studio that specialises in kintsugi, the traditional technique of mending pottery with lacquer sprinkled with gold dust. The origins of this ancient practice date to the 15th century. The workshop is run by the artisan Kuge family, who walk visitors though every step of the kintsugi technique. A visit to Kuge Crafts is a fabulous way for solo travellers to idle away an afternoon while becoming acquainted with ancient Japanese traditions.

Harmonica Yokocho

Another place for solo travellers to immerse themselves in the unique culture of Tokyo is Harmonica Yokocho. This network of charismatic alleys is a short walk for the north exit of the JR Kichijoji station. This crisscross of alleyways is lined with trendy cafes, bars, restaurants and stalls, where you can find everything from traditional Japanese sweets to spices radiating sweet aromatic scent. This popular site originated as a flea market after World War II as a symbol of Japanese reinvention.

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