LGBT+ Clients Plan a trip

LGBT+ travellers can face problems other travellers don’t. From funny looks and uncomfortable comments about sleeping arrangements, to outright hostility in the form of verbal & physical abuse – we understand these issues, as we’ve faced them ourselves.

Jack, our Managing Director, is an experienced traveller, and an openly gay man. Away from Blank Canvas, Jack is involved in LGBT+ activism, both at home and abroad. Though (thankfully!) rare, Jack has faced issues when travelling due to his sexuality, and he’s determined it doesn’t happen to you. 

Our destination specialists are trained in handling the nuances of travel for LGBT+ clients. Whilst it’s true we can’t control everything, especially when you’re in country, there are several steps we can take to limit the chances of anything going wrong:

  • We stay on top of the current state of LGBTQ rights across all of our destinations, and even some we don’t yet offer
  • Our specialists can discuss relevant customs/laws and what they mean for you in practice (eg public displays of affection or discussing booking separate beds)

  • We do our best to ensure that any personalised items provided by someone other than ourselves (for example honeymoon amenities in your hotel) are appropriate & correctly gendered 
  • We work to make sure you aren’t partnered with a guide who is insensitive or discriminatory towards LGBTQ clients 
  • Before booking, we’ll be sure to check you feel informed about, and comfortable with, your arrangements

  • Whilst we recognise travel is a personal choice, we outright refuse to work with certain destinations, hotels, tour companies or airlines that behave in a discriminatory way towards LGBTQ people

Our job is to leave nothing to chance and to & provide you with all information you need to make an informed decision. By taking these steps we can limit your exposure to anything that might derail your trip, and maximise the enjoyment you get from it.

After all, the difference between a good holiday and a great one, is in the detail.