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Thrilling up-close wildlife experiences done the ethical way

If you’re a nature lover, there’s nothing more exciting than seeing magnificent wild creatures in their natural habitat. Nothing can match that electric moment when you’re eye-to-eye with a big cat in Africa, or catch a glimpse of a Bornean orangutan baby nestling under its mother’s arm.

Blank Canvas Travel is the home of unforgettable animal experiences. There’s nothing we love more than planning bespoke wildlife trips and safaris, in some of the most beautiful wildernesses and landscapes in the world.

Best of all, we do it the ethical way. Our commitment to responsible travel means we only work with destinations and organisations that share our values, in relation to animal welfare and conservation. This means you can settle in for the wildlife trip of a lifetime, with a completely clear conscience. 

Ready to go wild?

There are so many magnificent species out there, waiting to be discovered. So, which awe-inspiring animal adventure will it be this time?

How about a self-drive safari to see lions, rhinos and cheetahs in Namibia, where over 40% of the country is under active conservation management? Or a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see over 130,000 elephants on one of the greatest migrations on Earth, in the vast Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana?

Whether you’re scuba diving in the crystal clear waters of the Seychelles, trekking in the Cambodian jungle or glamping under the stars on the wild coast of Sri Lanka – you’ll find it a truly spine-tingling experience to be so close to nature.

If you’re dreaming of a truly wild escape, take a look at our Safari Trip ideas below for inspiration. Then get in touch, and let’s start planning your own bespoke adventure!