Uninspired by package holidays? If you want more than a week stuck in a tourist resort in Spain, a bespoke holiday could be the perfect solution.

But what exactly is a bespoke holiday, and how do you get started planning yours? Let’s run through a few key things you need to know about the tailor-made travel service we specialise in here at Blank Canvas.

Tailormade travel is all about you

A bespoke holiday is one customised to your exact requirements. So instead of a travel company deciding on the accommodation, board basis, excursions and activities – you decide.
You choose where you want to go, the kind of accommodation you’d like and the things you’d like to do.

Don’t know the specifics? No problem. You can simply pick a destination and tell our travel experts a few details about what you want from your trip.

For example, you could be looking for a relaxing and romantic break to celebrate a wedding anniversary. You might be picturing gorgeous white sands, spa days and candlelit dinners. Or you might be keen for adventure, and want to try something new to get your pulse racing.

Or how about a foodie trip? You could tour vineyards, discover the local’s favourite restaurants and go on delicious tasting tours of the best street food haunts, while sitting down to gourmet meals every night.

There are lots of different ways to start planning a trip with our team here at Blank Canvas. You can ask us to plan a full itinerary, so there’s literally nothing for you to do but enjoy yourself.
Alternatively, you can keep the schedule loose and flexible, so there’s room for spontaneous adventures as the mood takes you. It’s completely up to you, and we’re at your service.

How we create meaningful, unforgettable travel experiences

At Blank Canvas, we’ve handpicked incredible destinations that you don’t ordinarily get to visit on a standard package holiday. This includes places like the enchantingly beautiful Cambodia, wildlife haven of Namibia and lush Laos with its mysterious mountains.

We work closely with local people and travel organisers within these destinations, to deliver unique experiences you won’t find anywhere else. By moving away from the standard tourist trail, you can uncover the ‘real’ destination.

This means chances to learn about local culture, eat authentic dishes and enjoy mesmerising yet ethical wildlife encounters. This can be eye-opening and soul-enriching to say the least, so you’ll head home with memories to last a lifetime.

And there isn’t really anything we can’t add to your trip. So, if you’ve always wanted to sleep under the stars, see one of the largest animal migrations on Earth, have a pristine tropical island beach to yourself, ride a mountain railway line or catch the Northern Lights – we can help these dreams become a reality.

Your incredible bespoke holiday starts by simply sending us a message. Get in touch here to tell us a few details about what you’re dreaming of – and we’ll start planning.