Nam Nern Night Safari, Nam Et-Phou Louey

Homestay - ££


Take a journey right into the heart of the jungle with the Nam Et-Phou Louey Night Safari.

It’s a great chance to see the rare and endangered species that call this National Protected Area home. Sambar deer, otters, barking deer, porcupines and owls all roam free here. So do tigers, but you’re unlikely to see one.

The accommodation here isn’t luxurious, but it’s pretty functional. The traditional Lao bungalows are built and managed by the community. These quaint wooden structures will shelter you from the elements and help you recharge for the next day.

It’s one of the best areas in the country for conservation, and funds from your trip will help educate the local community about preserving the natural environment. Few places in Laos give you this opportunity, so don’t miss out!


The night safari has a busy itinerary, but the campfire dinner is certainly a highlight. You’ll have a chance to try lots of local delicacies with a strong smoky flavour.

Then, you’ll jump on a boat and head downstream for a night of wildlife spotting. You’ll drift along the Nam Nern River before returning to the eco-lodge.

The night safari doesn’t stop there; you’ll then get to go birdwatching, wildlife tracking, learn about medicinal plants or try an early morning hike. How good is that?

Why we love it

The Nam Et-Phou Louey Night Safari is a masterclass in eco-tourism. A chance to explore this wonderful area and contribute to the preservation of the natural habitat – what could be better?

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