Cove 55, Kuching

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Cove 55 sits right at the bottom of Mount Santubong in Kuching, where the South China Sea meets the shoreline. It’s an intimate hideaway for travellers looking for some peace and quiet.

Once, Cove 55 was a holiday home for an Iban family, but now it’s been transformed into a glorious coastal retreat. Though it still nods to the area’s traditional heritage.

Cove 55 has 13 rooms, two suites and one villa. They all give guests privacy, so you can enjoy this little slice of paradise without being disturbed.

The balcony rooms look out over the sea and are decorated in light blues and white; giving them an airy feel. The garden rooms opt for deeper blues, and you get your own private courtyard to enjoy. The corner suites have fantastic views of the sea and the mountain and have plenty of space for you to relax.

The villa combines all of these elements and adds a little more luxury; you’ll have your own separate lounge, a walk-in wardrobe and a bathtub with sea views.


Every guest has access to the two swimming pools; one in the garden, and one infinity pool that’s right on the shoreline. You can also visit the library and spa, where there are several refreshing treatments on offer.

There are plenty of places to spend your evening; head to Kechala for a relaxed but exciting meal, go to Cove Bar for delicious cocktails by the sea or head to the Chef’s garden and choose what you’d like to eat. The chef will pluck it out the ground and cook it in front of you!

Why We Love It

We love Cove 55 as it’s both relaxing and slightly indulgent, making it the perfect retreat just outside town

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