Japamala, Tioman Island

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Japamala on Tioman Island is an incredible place, and not just for its idyllic position on the sandy white shoreline. It manages to combine high-end luxury with rustic charm, while ensuring that every element of the resort is eco-friendly and perfect for its visitors.

During your stay, be sure to explore the abundant nature that’s here. Go hiking through the hills, dive deep into the sea and head up to the Sunset View Point for the best spot for watching the sun go down after a long day.

Every room is decorated with comfort and slight indulgence in mind. Many have private plunge pools and wooden sundecks where you and your companions can relax.

Japamala has several wooden chalets and villas scattered over the shore. Some are by the beach, some are nestled into the green hillside; it’s up to you which one you go for. No two villas are the same, so you’ll have a unique and incredible experience whatever you choose.


Every room is close to the pristine white beach and sparkling turquoise waters. Just wind your way down the wooden paths and you’ll soon find yourself in one of the most idyllic spots in the world.

There’s also a refreshing pool where you can cool off after a long day of sunbathing. Then pick one of the restaurants to visit for dinner; you can even eat outside and enjoy the sunset.

Why We Love It

We love how Japamala formed around the coastline and continues to protect the animals, plants and land that it sits on. Every building here feels close to nature, so visitors who come here do too.

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