Boulder Bay Eco Resort, Mergui Archipelago

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The Boulder Bay Eco Resort is a wonderful place with a great attitude towards the environment. The entire island is dedicated to sustainable tourism and as soon as you arrive you’ll see why the locals want to preserve it. This place is your very own slice of paradise with pure white beaches, turquoise waters and lush vegetation to explore.

Boulder Bay isn’t the only beach to visit on this island. It’s a great base, but Moken Bay is a little more secluded. You have to be dedicated to get to Bamboo Bay, but it’s well worth it. Try to get there for sunset to watch the sky turn orange over the horizon.

If you’re a fan of snorkelling, or want to try it, head to Sisters Bay. There’s plenty of marine life here including false clown anemonefish, the spot fin parrotfish, brightly coloured corals and more.

The accommodation at the Boulder Bay Eco Resort is quaint and cosy – even the suites. Everyone who comes here stays in a type of bungalow. Some are located right on the beach, others are nestled into the greenery. Whichever one you choose to stay in, you’ll definitely have a trip to remember.


The resort puts on several different programmes for visitors. The Eco Discovery Walk is a must; it’s a great chance to appreciate the dense jungle environment that’s home to thousands of creatures.

Why We Love It

We love the Boulder Bay Eco Resort because the entire operation is dedicated to preserving this little island. All the funds from your trip will go back into conservation efforts, and you can be sure that your stay will have a very low carbon footprint. Then there’s the outrageous beach!

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