Burma Boating Cruise, Mergui Archipelago

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The Burma Boating cruise will be an adventure you’ll never forget! Over 800 deserted islands make up this beautiful archipelago, and you’ll get to explore many of them on this cruise. You’ll be one of the first to do so, as the archipelago was only opened to visitors in the 1990s.

When you land on the bright white shores and step into the dense jungle that stands alongside them, you’ll feel like a real castaway. Animal lovers will really enjoy this cruise as the islands are full of eagles, gibbons, monitor lizards and more.

Few people come here, and there are so many islands you’ll never feel overcrowded. One group you might meet on your travels is the Moken, the local sea nomads. They live off a combination of the ocean, fishing and haggling to get by.

Burma Boating has a few options for you to choose from for your cruise. There’s everything from a small private yacht to a larger cruise vessel. Each cabin has a comfortable bed and storage space. Plus, the boats have plenty of areas to relax and socialise. Some even have sundecks where you can take in some rays in-between beach-hopping.


The Burma Boating group organises activities for visitors to the Mergui Archipelago. These include hiking through valleys, beach stays and kayaking through mangroves.

Swimming, snorkelling and diving in the blue waters is another popular pastime. The Burma Banks are great for experienced divers.

Why We Love It

We love Burma Boating trips, as every time you visit the area, things are a little different. Plus, nothing can beat drifting across the sea looking out at picture-perfect, little known, islands all day long.

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