Golden Sunrise Hotel, Golden Rock

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Set in a tranquil location close to the village of Kinmun, Golden Sunrise Hotel offers guests a welcoming retreat in the heart of rural Myanmar. This small resort is surrounded by spectacular landscapes and captures the essence of traditional Burmese culture for a unique and breath-taking experience.

The hotel has a selection of basic but traditionally-styled rooms that feature charming wooden interiors and furnishings. Each space creates a tranquil atmosphere and provides a quiet veranda to soak up the sights and sounds of your surroundings. Every room enjoys ample amenities and connectivity to make your stay comfortable.


To indulge in delicious Burmese cuisine with an infusion of European inspiration, the Golden Sunrise Restaurant offers guests a charming dining experience. Hosted in a traditional and open setting, you can immerse yourself in the luscious gardens while enjoying this delectable menu.

The hotel is located close to the village of Kinmun, a place rich in character and full of local charm. You can also hire a bicycle to discover a wider world of captivating landscapes nearby. Surrounding the hotel, guests can wander the vibrant gardens and feel a touch of serenity on their weary hearts. A highlight of this destination includes a visit to the Golden Rock, one of the most impressive and sacred temples in the region.

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Golden Sunrise Hotel provides a unique and relaxing stay for guests looking for a secluded and authentic retreat 

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