Hotel by the Red Canal, Mandalay

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Nestled between the trees in a quiet quarter of Mandalay sits the Hotel by the Red Canal.

This magnificent building with its historically-inspired design and 25 rooms is the perfect base for exploring the key sights in Mandalay, including the Royal Palace.

The hotel has four types of rooms for guests, all of which are furnished using local materials. You’ll find rattan, mother-of-pearl and brightly coloured fabrics woven in the traditional style.

Many of the rooms have private balconies that look out over the pool and tropical gardens. The hotel is a great place for a refreshing dip or for walking around and enjoying the fresh air.


The Hotel by the Red Canal is a stunning testament to Burmese culture. Not only do the hotel staff uphold traditional values of hospitality but the building itself also embraces Burmese style.

The hotel’s restaurant, the Spice Garden, is known throughout Mandalay for its delicious Burmese and Indian dishes. If you really like a particular recipe, ask the manager to arrange a cooking lesson for you so you can make it at home.

In the evening, head out to the Canopy Bar. You’ll be sheltered by the trees and will be able to take advantage of the happy hour.

The Prana Spa building, which is attached to the hotel, was created using traditional methods. The spa offers a range of treatments, and you’ll leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for the next stage in your adventure. The rustic setting only adds to the experience.

Why We Love It

We love the Hotel by the Red Canal because of its gorgeous boutique vibe and because it offers a little peace and quiet right in the heart of the busy city of Mandalay, which is very welcome after a day spent exploring.

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