Andersson’s at Ongava, Etosha National Park

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Like many places in this particular part of the world, Andersson’s at Ongava in the Etosha National Park is focused on providing guests with a natural experience from start to finish. The emphasis here is on making a long-lasting relationship with nature for a truly magical stay.

To that end, you’ll enjoy a very natural way of living, which is a charming experience. Each of the eight suites are spacious and luxurious and designed to provide ample room for guests; the site can accommodate up to 18 people in total.


In keeping with the philosophy that the environment is to be respected and lived with in harmony, you can discover more about conservation and habitat management in this area during your stay. The newly renovated Ongava Research Centre, which is within the boundaries of the site, gives you access to research and data compiled by resident scientists who have been studying the local environment and the animals who live in it.

Furthermore, Andersson’s at Ongava is situated in the Ongava Game Reserve, which will give you the opportunity to encounter animals you would not typically see. You’ll have access to a social area, which includes an undercover and open-air dining area and bar with cuisine that is both varied and exceptionally tasty. From the social area’s spacious lounge, you’ll have viewing access to the Reserve’s watering hole, where you’ll see nature in its undisturbed state.

Everything you could need to enjoy yourself is right here.

Why We Love It

A beautiful natural environment paired with some fascinating research makes for a unique and enjoyable experience. All the facilities are top of the range, and there’s a warm and welcoming atmosphere throughout.

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