Dolomite Camp, Etosha National Park

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Offering an exclusive glimpse into the normally restricted western side of Etosha National Park, Dolomite Camp is based in this highly scenic and very natural locale.

Each guest can look forward to staying in one of the 20 luxury tents, which have been permanently erected on the slopes of the park, granting you an elevated view of the majestic wildlife and stunning vistas. Natural waterholes attract a wide selection of different animals, from elephants and lions to rhinos.


The emphasis of the Camp is on working within the confines of nature – understanding that we need a harmonious relationship to blend enjoyment with protection. You’ll get an unusual and special experience with this particular location, as the animals are free to roam throughout the Camp. There’s no need to be afraid or worry, however, as there are personal escorts to guarantee your safety.

People looking for something good to eat are in luck here, as the Camp offers a wide selection of delicious meals and drinks to cater to all kinds of tastes. There are also game drives through the still-restricted areas of the park, giving you unique access to all of the different wildlife, views and unspoilt landscapes.

Why We Love It

A charming camp that works with nature, and is located in a lesser visited area of Etosha.  

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