Impalila Island Lodge, Zambezi Region

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How often do you come across a hotel that sits where four countries meet? Impalila Island Lodge is located at the conjunction of Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia. This dream location – some would say – combines the very best of all four.

Impalila Island Lodge is a collection of rooms and chalets with a totally wonderful Afro-chic feel, with their own private balcony. The cabins form a circle around the central living space which is built around an old baobab tree.

You will be able to enjoy the stimulating social scene here with food and wine served daily, paired delightfully with the relaxation offered by the comfortable accommodation.


From safaris to fishing, the Impalila Island Lodge prides itself on offering a range of fantastic activities to its guests, and there really is so much to see in the area. With a gorgeous backdrop of the Chobe and Zambezi rivers, you can be assured of some stunning views.

Take a sunset cruise or head over to Victoria Falls for the day. If you fancy swimming or birdwatching this can also be arranged.

The accommodation as you might expect is basic with limited facilities, but the experiences you can have while staying at the Impalila Island Lodge will leave you rich in memories that will remain with you forever.

Why We Love It

This is pure escapism and the chance to share your time with iconic wildlife in a magical location that most people only dream of. The Impalila Island Lodge is your chance to make it a reality.

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