Kalahari Farmhouse, Southern Kalahari

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The Kalahari Farmhouse is located right on the outskirts of Stampriet in Southern Kalahari, and has been used as a farm for years. However, following the decline of the farming industry, the owners decided to switch to tourism; and we’re very glad they did!

Stepping into the Kalahari Farmhouse is like being transported back in time to an artisanal French cottage from the 1800s.

Every part of the resort is charming. From the colourful quilts to the warm fireplaces and vibrant gardens, you can see why people feel so comfortable here – it’s every bit the idyllic oasis, in the heart of the desert.

It’s also got a different atmosphere to the other hotels in the area; it’s cosy and friendly – and that’s why we love it.

There are 11 bungalows at this resort for you to choose from. They’re made of stone so will keep you cool all day long – even in the Namibian heat.

All of the bungalows have verandas, so guests can look out and enjoy views across the verdant gardens.


The restaurant serves local dishes all day long, with ingredients grown on-site. Try as much of the food here as you can – it’s delicious.

To keep cool, take a dip in the sparkling swimming pool in the centre of the resort. Float around and relax while taking in the lush green gardens that surround you.

The Kalahari Farmhouse is a great place to stop between Fish River Canyon and Windhoek. It will help you unwind a little and prepare for the rest of your journey.

Why We Love It

The Kalahari Farmhouse brings fun and character to a little-visited part of Namibia. It has a great energy, so is a really enjoyable place to stay.

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