Mushara Outpost, Etosha National Park

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The Mushara Outpost is a luxury camp that has eight rooms and isn’t far from the Etosha National Park. In fact, it’s just 10 kilometres to the Von Lindequist Gate.

When you visit, you’re likely to see lions, rhinos, elephants and more on a wildlife drive and get a taste for the incredible Namibian landscape. After a few days here, you may never want to leave.

The Mushara Outpost’s rooms are located in tent-like structures made from wood and canvas. They provide a comfortable place to stay in a great position on the banks of an ancient riverbed known as an ‘omuramba’.

Staying here is a little different from other bush camp experiences as all the tents are 1.5 metres off the ground, so they give you a new perspective on the plains.


The main lodge was built to look like an old farmhouse; the corrugated iron roof gives it away. It has a light and airy feel with some modern and unusual twists, so makes a nice base for your holiday.

Try to take in as much as you can when you stay here; you’ll notice some odd things like porcupine-quill light fittings and superb black-and-white photos of Etosha’s wildlife.

Don’t worry if you forget something; there’s a small curio shop full of useful items like sun cream as well as a few souvenirs. After a long, hot day exploring the park take a dip in the swimming pool. You’ll definitely leave feeling refreshed!

Why We Love It

The entire place has a warm and friendly vibe but isn’t quite as communal as some of the other Mushara accommodation options. So, if you’re looking for a peaceful trip with your partner you won’t find anywhere better in Etosha.

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