Nhoma Camp, Nhoma

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For an active and exciting safari-based holiday in Namibia, Nhoma Camp should be top of your list. It sits in the north-eastern corner of the country that’s still occupied by the Ju’hoan San (Bushmen) people.

They get involved with the activities run at Nhoma Camp, so this is a fantastic opportunity to learn a lot about their way of life. During your stay, you can also go out on day and night drives to see animals such as elephants, antelope and more.

At the Nhoma Camp you’ll stay in one of the ten safari tents that are open for visitors. They all have their own private decks looking out over the Nhoma omuramba (fossil river bed).

The Zambesi Teak trees that surround the tents provide shelter from the sun, so you’ll remain cool all day long.

The main differences between the tents are the size of the bed and whether there’s a bath or a shower – pick the option that best suits you. There’s also a camping area if you’d prefer to stay there.


A trip to the Nhoma Camp is full of activities, so be prepared to get involved!

You’ll get a short introduction to the community and join in with their daily tasks such as cooking, craft-making and arrow making. You might also play a few traditional games with the Bushmen.

In the evenings, they’ll perform exciting dances to heal locals and communicate with their ancestors. These dances are not guaranteed as they’re part of a religious ceremony, but if you stay more than one night it’s quite likely that you will see one or two.

Why We Love It

We love staying at the Nhoma Camp because it’s an opportunity to understand more about the Bushmen culture and see some amazing creatures in the wild.

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