Onguma Treetop Camp, Etosha National Park

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One of the best ways to see the activity around Etosha National Park is above the treeline, so a visit to the Onguma Treetop Camp should definitely be on your itinerary.

It sits right next to a waterhole, so it’s the perfect spot to see some of Namibia’s most famous creatures in their natural habitat.

Zebras, antelope, lions, elephants, rhinos and more all come here to quench their thirst and you’ll have the perfect view of them from high up among the trees. Just don’t forget your camera – you’ll definitely want to remember this holiday.

The Onguma Treetop Camp is the most remote and intimate camp in the Onguma Game Reserve and has only four rooms, so you’ll get to enjoy the peace and quiet, far from the more hectic parts of the reserve. This is also good for animal watching, as they won’t be scared away by the noise.

The entire camp is built on wooden stilts and has traditional thatched rooftops, which makes it feel authentic.

The rooms have canvas walls and outdoor showers, so your entire experience will be very close to nature, and they look out onto the plains and over the waterhole, so you’ll never miss an animal going by.


The camp has a dining room and a main complex where you can spend your days watching the wildlife.

The native Namibian birds chatter away all day long – you’ll probably hear them before you see them.

Why We Love It

The Onguma Treetop Camp gives visitors a new perspective on the Namibian wilderness and an opportunity to enjoy a bit of peace and tranquillity in a characterful setting.

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