L’Archipel, Praslin

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Right at the end of the Cote d’Or Bay sits the Hotel L’Archipel – a home away from home. The characterful chalets and suites are nestled into the hillside, making it the perfect backdrop for a beachside holiday.

Each day, you’ll look out over the white sands and admire the blue waters sparkling in the sunlight. After a few days here, you’ll quickly realise why L’Archipel has a reputation for making each guest feel so welcome.

We love the informal laid-back atmosphere of L’Archipel; there’s plenty of space to relax, refresh and escape from the real world.

You can also go out and explore the nearby UNESCO World Heritage site, the Vallée de Mai, as well as the beautiful island of La Digue.


L’Archipel has its very own private beach. From here, visitors can go on their own underwater adventures. This place is the ideal spot for swimming and snorkelling.

However, the natural landscape doesn’t stop there. The hillside has a gorgeous and exotic scent; a blend of hibiscus and bougainvillea trees. Wander up the winding paths to your villa and you’ll see even more of the local flowers, shrubs and trees.

The team here is dedicated to creating the perfect experience for you. Make the most of the in-room massage treatments, buffet breakfasts and locally-caught seafood.

This entire hotel is also committed to energy saving; it’s full of solar panels and LED lighting, so you can be sure this is an eco-friendly destination.

Why we love it

L’Archipel is family-run, so it has a distinctly intimate feel unlike the bigger chains in the Seychelles.

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