Abalone House & Spa, Paternoster

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The Abalone House & Spa is a glorious little ten-roomed retreat on South Africa’s west coast. It’s set in the traditional fishing village of Paternoster and has managed to keep some of its old-world charm, while giving the interior a modern twist.

Surrounded by unspoilt beaches, rocky outcrops, aromatic fynbos and bright blue waters, it’s easy to see why many think this is a beachside paradise. You might find it hard to leave the hotel to go sightseeing, but you should really head to the West Coast Fossil Park, the nearby nature reserves and go out on a whale watching cruise.

The hotel has been decorated in a bohemian-chic style; old and new blend seamlessly to create the perfect backdrop for your holiday. There are a few different rooms to choose from; some have patios and sea views, while others are slightly more compact.


If you pick a ground floor room, you’ll have direct access to the pool that sits in the centre of the courtyard. Don’t worry if you’re on a higher floor though; it’s just a short walk away.

At the hotel’s in-house restaurant, the chef uses fresh local ingredients to create delicious and interesting meals inspired by its west coast setting. Eat here as often as you can during your stay; it’s definitely worth it.

Finally, make sure you spend some time in the spa; it’s a great place to relax, refresh and enjoy a few hours of serenity.

Why We Love It

The way the Abalone House & Spa blends modern furnishings with traditional decorations gives the place a warm and nostalgic atmosphere that will quickly make you feel at home.

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