Augusta de Mist Country House, Swellendam

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Step into a world of relaxation and simple living at the Augusta de Mist Country House, located in Swellendam on South Africa’s Garden Route. The entire house is a link to the past – some of the original structural elements and materials used 200 years ago to build the house, such as the reed ceilings, can still be seen today.

Attention to detail was the focus when creating the six beautiful rooms and the luxurious spaces for guests. These rooms are complemented by breathtaking views of the gardens and the surrounding area. Naturally, all the rooms are spacious and well designed, as befitting a place of this grandeur and finesse. There is also reliable Wi-Fi connectivity and excellent amenities for that modern touch.


Guests can relish the on-site restaurant, Augusta’s African Kitchen, which has a varied and flavoursome selection of local dishes and house wine. The signature six-course tasting menu gives guests a unique culinary experience from start to finish.

The resort’s gardens are a sight to behold, immersing you in luscious greenery and natural beauty. The outside pool is a perfect spot to unwind in the sunshine and drink in the serenity of the location.

There’s so much to explore around the site and so many intricate details to enjoy, from the historic buildings full of vintage artefacts to the indigenous plants in the garden.

The guesthouse is located conveniently close to the Karoo and on the Garden Route, so you can explore both areas at your leisure.

Why we love it

A trip back in time has never been so enjoyable. You can really feel the history all around you.

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