Fugitives’ Drift Guest House, Battlefields

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Deep in the African wilderness, Fugitives’ Drift Guest House welcomes guests to an enchanting and relaxing space in the heart of this historic area. This spot offers visitors the chance to learn about the history of the battles that shaped this area and its people, and to admire the wildlife and landscapes of the battlefields.

The Guest House offers visitors a warming and authentic place to relax. The en-suite rooms are spacious and include private verandas overlooking the landscape. Each room has been sympathetically designed to complement the original styling. There is also good Internet connectivity in the public spaces.


The dining area has stunning views and a great selection of delicious food and drink. It also includes an alfresco area to soak up the atmosphere and sounds of the wilderness while you dine.

The Guest House has a beautiful outside pool area, which provides a lovely spot to unwind and refresh after a day exploring. You can also soak up the sunshine here with a refreshing beverage before heading to dinner.

One of the main features of your stay is the opportunity to take a tour and visit the historic locations upon which the famous battles of Rorke’s Drift and Isandlwana were fought. It often becomes quite an emotional affair when you consider all that took place here, and you will undoubtedly come away more enlightened for your efforts.

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A more affordable option from the people behind Fugitives’ Drift’s Lodge, but the same warmth and character!

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