Vineyard Hotel, Constantia

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The Vineyard Hotel is a slice of rural South African life, yet you’re still in the suburbs of Cape Town!

It sits on the slopes of Table Mountain, looking right out over the river. The hotel blends perfectly into the lush green scenery and really makes you feel like you’re at one with nature.


There is a range of accommodation options for you to choose from at the Vineyard Hotel, though all of them have an elegant and sophisticated vibe that adds to the luxurious and indulgent character of the entire hotel.

The most difficult thing about staying here is choosing which view you want from your room: mountain, garden or courtyard – it’s up to you. There are five places within the hotel where you can try a range of local and international dishes that will tantalise your tastebuds.

Some evenings, the hotel runs complimentary wine tastings, so see if you can catch one during your stay. It’s a fantastic opportunity to try some of the local produce and learn a bit more about the winemaking process.

If you’re looking for a bit of pampering, head to the hotel’s spa. Each treatment is made using local natural ingredients which smell delightful and really help you relax. You should also try out the yoga sessions and spend some time in the fitness centre. It will leave you feeling totally revitalised.

Why We Love It

The Vineyard Hotel is the perfect place for visitors getting to know the area. It’s a stunning spot and full of heritage thanks to the tall vines that surround the hotel gardens.

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