Haadtien Beach Resort, Koh Tao

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Clean, sleek and modern, Haadtien Beach Resort allows its guests to experience deep tranquillity in utmost style. The ethos focuses on design, and boy, does it show; the resort has even been featured in several Vogue photo shoots.

The resort was built on land belonging to the owner’s family for 30 years, and it’s designed to maintain that same sense of calm, privacy, and cleanliness you might find in any Thai family home.

Its elegant villas peep between the palms onto a pristine beach. Koh Tao‘s waters are famed for the fantastic diversity of marine life – jump in to discover just some of the stunning species the island has to offer!

The resort has seven villas of various sizes. They’re decorated with elegant simplicity: wooden panelling and minimalist decor give the accommodation clean lines and a light, airy feel.


State-of-the-art diving facilities offer something for everyone: there’s everything from a beginner’s pool, to wreck and night-diving courses for the more experienced diver. Unwind afterwards at the Tien Spa and gift shop.

Dine on organic veggies and freshly-caught seafood seasoned to perfection with home-grown herbs at the inSea Bar and Grill, where dishes are prepared under the watchful eye of resident chef Pah Yong. Should you fancy Italian instead, Haadtien is also home to a great Italian bistro dishing up pizza, pasta, and antipasti. And if you want to quench your thirst, the beach bar serves cocktails, chilled drinks and fresh fruit under an authentic Thai thatched roof.

Why We Love It

There’s no beating this stylish and intimate resort when it comes to sheer class.

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