Lanjia Lodge, Golden Triangle

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With spectacular views of the Chiang Rai hillside, you’ll discover Lanjia Lodge, nestled peacefully in its natural surroundings. This eco-friendly and community-based lodge works closely with the native tribes of Chiang Rai to improve living conditions for local people; a share of its profits are used to help with community projects.

A peaceful and idyllic place to enjoy the countryside around Chiang Mai’s sister town, Lanjia Lodge offers four guest cottages with a total of 16 guest bedrooms, decorated in an authentically Thai fashion. With such a dramatic backdrop, you can engross yourself in the natural beauty that surrounds Lanjia Lodge on every side.

Working together with the community, you can meet and socialise with the local tribespeople. With nearly 100% of the food served at the resort supplied by local suppliers, and daily tours with the hillside tribes available, you can learn how these communities live and sustain their way of life in the leafy Chiang Rai hills.


Spend time relaxing in your Thai guesthouse and mingling with other travellers discovering the delights of Chiang Rai; get involved in the many activities provided by Lanjia Lodge.

From tour packages, that include a hillside tribe experience, to hiking and nature walking, you can become one with nature and take in all that the beautiful Chiang Rai Province has to offer.

Try a batik class with the local Hmong tribe or explore further on a Golden Triangle tour, where the borders of Thailand, Laos and Burma come together. Lanjia Lodge can accommodate every truly Thai experience.

Why We Love It

We love Lanjia Lodge for its peace and quiet, and the exposure it offers to the local community.

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