Nan Seasons Boutique, Nan

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A stay at Nan Seasons Boutique offers a relaxing experience that immerses you in the traditional culture and hospitality of the local area. The resort is close to the famous Wat Pharathat Chaehaeng and the beautiful old city of Nan. Its location gives you the chance to admire these picturesque surroundings and connect with the fascinating heritage of this unique destination.

Boutique is an apt description; guests are provided with an intimate selection of nine Lanna-style bungalows with traditional teak architecture. Each villa is spacious and has a private balcony to give you the best views of your surroundings.


The Lemongrass Restaurant at the resort is renowned in the area for catering to all tastes, from simple dishes to four-course cuisine. Authentic Thai food is created with a fusion of provincial specialities and well-known local fare. The Seasons Pool is another spot to relax in the tranquil environs of the resort, and here you can also enjoy a Thai massage to relax body and mind.

For active travellers looking to explore the delights of northern Thailand, this resort provides the perfect base for cultural and scenic tour. Popular options include visiting the nearby city of Nan or exploring the area’s many temples. There is also a choice of national parks to discover which offers you an insight into the natural beauty and vibrant local culture of these remote provinces.

Why We Love It

This boutique resort has plenty of character and is the ideal place for both active visitors and those who want to enjoy a relaxing spot away from the main tourist trails.

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