Mango Bay Resort, Phu Quoc

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It may sit on one of the most popular islands in Vietnam, but the Mango Bay Resort is a wonderfully secluded place to stay.

Right in the heart of the green jungle on Phu Quoc, you could easily bypass this resort, but it would be a big mistake. You’d miss out on a peaceful, beautiful, and laid-back resort that’s far from the prying eyes of other tourists.

The hotel’s 44 rooms and villas are tucked into the lush forest to protect you from the beating sun, but don’t worry, the beach is only a short walk away.

The entire resort is dedicated to green-living and sustainability; the staff and management are determined to protect this tropical paradise as far as they can. They work closely with Wildlife at Risk to protect local animals and plants – knowing this will make your stay even better.


Water sports are a big thing at Mango Bay. You can snorkel among the coral reefs, or go paddle boarding, or canoeing. If you do this at sunset, you’ll have an adventure you’ll never forget. The hotel also offers traditional wooden fishing boats as kayaks, so it’ll be a slightly different experience than you might be used to.

There’s plenty to enjoy on land, too. The hotel offers you free use of bicycles, so you can explore the local area, as well as yoga to help you relax. There’s also a spa that provides a range of treatments including massages, scrubs and facials and there are sports such as volleyball and badminton to keep you active.

Why We Love It

We love the Mango Bay Resort because it’s not your typical luxury destination. It’s unpretentious and close to nature – to stay here is a truly unique and wonderful experience.

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