Nam Cang Riverside Lodge, Sapa

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Nam Cang Riverside Lodge welcomes guests to a tranquil and authentic retreat in the heart of Sapa Valley. This traditional setting immerses you in the fascinating local culture of the Red Dao people. You’ll love being amongst the gorgeous natural landscapes at this unique getaway, far from the popular tourist trails.

There is a selection of nine traditionally decorated rooms, each providing a relaxing and private setting with modern amenities to make your stay comfortable.


A stay at Nam Cang Riverside Lodge enables you to embrace the traditions and culture of local communities. The family-style restaurant offers a friendly and communal style of dining, and the fresh local ingredients and home-cooked dishes expose your palate to a range of exciting flavours.

The variety of activities in the resort focuses on providing you with an immersive experience within the local community and the beautiful landscapes. There is a selection of village walks, which take you through the nearby spot of Nam Cang. You can also enjoy a captivating guided tour by a local farmer who will walk you through the forest and explain the importance of this area to the native people.

On the upper floor of the lodge, the veranda is the perfect spot to wile away the days overlooking the sights and sounds of the river. This retreat allows you to discover a slower pace of life, away from the hustle and bustle, and is ideal for a simple yet memorable getaway.

Why We Love It

Nam Cang Riverside Lodge is the perfect place to enjoy the simple pleasures. Get back to nature by staying in this tranquil haven.

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