Tay Village Homestay, Ha Giang

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A trip to the Tay Village Homestay is a great opportunity to learn about traditional Vietnamese life.

This scenic minority village sits a little outside Ha Giang Town. The stilt-houses are basic but quaint and authentic They’re surrounded by farms, rice fields and bamboo forests so there’s lots to discover. If you head out far enough, you might find the Ha Giang Waterfall where you can take a dip.

Despite its frequent visits by tourists, this is still a working village. Local tribespeople live a simple life and invite you to be a part of it. They’ll share everything they have with you, take you to the rice fields, and tell you about their traditions. It’s a magical experience.


As you’d probably expect, there aren’t many facilities to speak of in a traditional Tay home. However, everything here is clean and comfortable, so you can feel right at home while you gain a fantastic insight into this traditional culture.

You’ll sleep on a thin foam mattress on the floor, and be divided from the rest of your group with a curtain. Your hosts will show you the best of Tay village life. You can expect some amazing local cuisine, and may even get to eat with your hosts.

Why We Love It

A trip to the traditional Tay Village Homestay immerses you in traditional Vietnamese culture and creates an unforgettable experience.

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