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Bako National Park might be the smallest park in Sarawak, but it has an impressive number of sights. The craggy rocks, golden shoreline and rich green jungles have formed over the centuries, and have evolved to create a stunning and intriguing destination. The Bako National Park sits on the east of the Santubong Peninsula, right at the mouth of the Bako River. This place was once a timber reserve, but it was made a protected site in the late 50s and since then it has blossomed into a small but exciting place to visit.

Climb the steep coastal cliffs to get views of the South China Sea that just can’t be matched, especially not in Sarawak as most of its coastline is muddy and flat. After all that activity, head to the golden shoreline and find a spot in a secluded cove where you can lounge in the sun. Take a dip in the warm ocean or make your way inland to find a rainforest stream to swim in. This is a great chance to cool off and enjoy the freshwater that rolls down from the hills.

There’s so much to do in Bako National Park. This is particularly true if you’re a fan of hiking; explore the tangled mangroves, rainforests and kerangas and see if you can find a waterfall or two on your way. Animal lovers should keep an eye out for bearded pigs, long-tailed macaques, proboscis monkeys and over a hundred species of bird. We can promise you that while your trip here won’t be quiet, you’ll soon love the chatter of the animals.

Bako National Park makes a great day-trip from Kuching, although you can stay overnight too. You’ll have to take a boat to this coastal park, which makes your journey all the more exciting. As you glide across the sea, you’ll see how the park juts out of the water and will be amazed at how much is crammed into this small area. You can sail around the park or explore by foot, either way it’s an incredible adventure.

Bako National Park is charmingly different to the other islands and parks in Sarawak, so is definitely worth a look.

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