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The Blyde River Canyon is is the third largest in the world and has become one of South Africa‘s most popular places to visit. The canyon is made up of jagged cliffs of red sandstone, whilst the Blyde River is nestled in the middle. Located through the lip is the impressive panorama route – a trail which offers spectacular natural sights. The impressive scale of the site is what draws visitors here year on year.

The Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve is situated on the border of the canyon and is well worth a trip. The main route to truly appreciate the scenery is on Route 532. Simply jump in a car and drive along the route to witness some of the most jaw-dropping views. This road includes viewpoints such as the Lowveld View and the Three Rondavels; the latter of which is three pieces of eroded rock set against the backdrop of the water. You will have to pay a small entry fee to get access to this route by car, or you may opt to join an organised tour, depending on your preference.

Many people also choose to hike or go horse riding along the route. One great hiking route would be the Hippo Trail, which leads into the Blyde River Canyon. This is a fantastic experience for those who wish to see wildlife – but bear in mind that it’s a bit of a challenge. Aim to start this trail during the early hours of the morning, as it’s best to see the sights in full daylight.

Within the canyon itself, you’ll witness some other amazing sights. Bourke’s Luck Potholes are circular-shaped holes in the rock which were created by the force of water from the confluence of two adjoining rivers. Whilst here, you may also spot some local birds. You might also come across God’s Window, which is a hotspot for photo opportunities. When there aren’t many clouds, you can see all the way over to Kruger National Park and even Mozambique!

Eager to see one of South Africa‘s most impressive natural wonders? Look no further than Blyde River Canyon.

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