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Calitzdorp is a quaint and laid-back little town, located in the Klein Karoo on Route 62. If you’re a wine lover, you’ll be in your element as the town is best known for its high-quality port wines which are made locally. The Klein Karoo where Calitzdorp lies may be best compared to a small desert – it’s extremely dry but surrounded by fertile land amongst the mountains where small streams lie.

Located off the main road, you’ll discover the charm of the town, with its historical buildings and stunning gardens. There are also many attractions to visit, including a museum you can walk around at your own leisure and even classical music recitals you can sit and watch for free during the week.

As Calitzdorp is famous for its wines, you must visit the Boplaas​ Family Vineyards, a high-quality producer of the best local wines. In fact, it is best known for its ports and pot-stilled brandies. What’s interesting is that Boplaas was the very first winery to introduce the tradition of allowing elephants to stamp on the grapes to create the wines. If you’re planning on visiting around June, it will be party season, as that’s when the annual port festival is held.

However, Calitzdorp is also a haven for other interests, including a 4×4 trail – the perfect option for those who are keen on off-roading. The route will take you on a 15 km-long trip, ending at the very top of Bojaankop Mountain, where you can take snaps of incredible views. You’ll be driven over rocks and gravel, through rivers and up steep slopes – so expect a bumpy ride!

Horse riding is another highly popular activity for visitors to the area and something you’ll want to try if you consider yourself an enthusiast. Saint Helena Farm is where the horses are free to wander, so it’s the perfect place go on a three or four-hour expedition through the grapevines. You’ll even have the opportunity to try some local wine, which is a real bonus.

Calitzdorp is a destination for those who love a taste of the outdoors and, of course, have a passion for sampling spectacular wine.

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