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If you’re looking for true South African wilderness, you won’t get much better than the magical Cederberg Mountains. This tall sandstone mountain range sits on the Western Cape, just 200 km north of Cape Town. Cederberg is right on the southern fringes of Namaqualand, and if you’re at the Olifants River Valley and look east, you’ll see the imposing face of this incredible mountain range.

The Cederberg Mountains are an adventurer’s playground, with plenty to discover. If you want to hike, climb rocks, camp or just enjoy nature in South Africa, this is the place to be. The scenery in this area is absolutely stunning, even if you don’t get the rich and vibrant colours you see around Namaqua. Local fynbos is scattered throughout the treacherous mountain paths, so keep an eye out for that, as well as the Clanwilliam cedar and the rare snow protea.

The best place to visit during your stay is the Cederberg Wilderness Area. It was created to protect the silt-free waters, but is now a fantastic escape for travellers. There are over 250 km of hiking trails to explore. As you travel through the mountains, you’ll see how grotesque gargoyle-like structures have been eroded into the sandstone by the weather. That’s definitely worth a picture or two. You might also see a few animals on your travels through the mountains. Baboons and antelopes are pretty common, but if you’re lucky you might spot a leopard, caracal or aardwolf.

Cederberg is also a great place for history buffs. There is a range of San rock-art sites, so you can see images that date back thousands of years. The Cederberg Mountains were one of the last havens for the Sans, so these pieces are a slightly poignant reminder of South Africa before the Europeans took over the country. There are a couple of small towns close to the Cederberg Mountains; Citrusdal and Clanwilliam are the most popular. They’re great bases for hikers and have beautiful views of the Cederberg range. Why not set up camp there?

Whether you’re travelling in a four-wheel drive, walking up the hills or zooming around on a motorbike, you’ll have a fantastic time exploring the Cederberg Mountains and discovering everything they have to offer.

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