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The Central Highlands run down the spine of Namibia. The rolling hills and wide valleys act as a divider between the hot dunes of the Namib and the Kalahari. Explore the small towns scattered around the Highlands as you travel through. There are only a few, but they’re well worth seeing. They typically have wide, picturesque streets lined with trees, a welcoming community and many local shops.

One of our favourite destinations on this trail is Okahandja. It’s known for its intricate wood carvings and lively local markets, as well as its rich history as a trading post for the Hereros and the Germans. It’s also the perfect place to grab a souvenir or memento. The town is famous for its biltong, so why not try some?

As you journey down the hills and valleys, make sure you visit the hot springs at Gross Barmen. They’re a great place to stop off and relax. If you go right to the eastern edge of the Central Highlands, you’ll spot the Waterberg Plateau. This imposing sandstone Table Mountain looks out over the savannah plains. This is an ideal place to spot a cheetah (but you’ll have to be very lucky).

There are numerous farms scattered throughout the valleys. They’ve all begun to shift from being cattle farms to game farms. Most are dedicated to wildlife conservation and rehabilitation. The most famous is probably Okonjima, as it’s home to the AfriCat Foundation that concentrates on big cats, particularly cheetahs and leopards.

To complete your Central Highlands experience, stay overnight at the Frans Indongo farms. Mundela is a great place to stay as it acts as a fantastic base for walking safaris. It will give you the best chance of seeing some of the local game.

The Erongo Wilderness Conservancy is another huge draw to the Central Highlands. It brings together 30 landowners and their farmland to create an area that’s approximately 2,000 square kilometres. The fences have been taken down to allow the animals to roam and thrive in this area. White rhinos were released into this area in 2009, and the first calf was born in 2010. That’s how dedicated this area is to conservation, and that’s why we love it!

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