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Get ready to fall in love with beautiful Charleston, a historic port city famous for its colourful buildings, world-class dining scene and southern charm. And if you’re looking for a romantic honeymoon destination, this is certainly it.

The largest city in South Carolina, Charleston has a rich history dating back to 1670. You can learn all about it one of the city’s museums and historical sites, including the Charleston Museum, Old Slave Mart Museum and Fort Sumter on Charleston Harbor.

The harbor itself is spectacular, dotted with wildlife-rich habitats like Sullivan’s Island and James Island. Aside from bird-watching and dolphin-spotting, there’s a world of fun activities to try here. This includes yacht tours, fishing and the family-friendly South Carolina Aquarium. Charleston Harbor is also a fabulous place to watch the sunset, tipple in hand.

Other must-see landmarks include the magnificent Gothic-style Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, and the Dock Street Theater. Located in the old French Quarter of the city, this delightful London Playhouse style theatre claims to be the ‘first American theater’.

Charleston is also famous for its eclectic art scene, including such gems as the Gibbes Museum of Art to the Robert Lange Studios, a working artists studio.

Away from the attractions of the city centre, you’ll discover natural beauty in abundance. Charleston boasts everything from beaches and rivers to beautiful parks, including the romantic Cypress Gardens. A popular movie filming location (including the rowing scene from The Notebook), this picturesque blackwater swamp is the ideal spot for a gentle boat ride among the birds, flowers and Cypress trees.

Worked up an appetite? You’ll eat extraordinarily well in Charleston, where fresh seafood is always on the menu alongside unique and delicious takes on Southern American cuisine. From afternoon tea and cocktails to caviar and oysters, there’s something for every palette here.

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