Chobe National Park, Botswana Plan a trip

Ready for a truly unforgettable wildlife experience? Head to Chobe National Park, near the borders of Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia.

This is Botswana’s first national park, and it’s simply enormous – boasting over 10,000 square kilometres of biologically diverse landscapes and wildlife-rich ecosystems.

Chobe is also home to the largest elephant population in Africa, and the best time to see them is the dry season – when over 50,000 Kalahari elephants have been known to congregate at the river’s edge at once. Needless to say, this is a truly extraordinary sight. And who knows? You may be lucky enough to see it.

This lush region and its floodplains, swamps and woodlands also attracts buffalo, giraffe, leopard, cheetah, lion, puku and red lechwe antelope, mischievous vervet monkeys, honey badgers, crocodiles and monitor lizards. There’s also the chance to spot the rare pangolin, and endangered species such as African wild dogs which rely on Chobe National Park as a conservation centre and refuge.

There are believed to be over 450 species of birds in Chobe, along with an astonishing diversity of plants, flowers and landscapes. Visit in the rainy season (from November to March) and you’ll see the park’s spectacular birdlife in all its stunning glory. Take your camera and you could snap some of the best bird shots of your life.

There are lots of different ways to immerse yourself in the wild Chobe experience. Book a stay on a houseboat, take a safari tour, cruise along the breathtakingly beautiful Chobe River or join a guided game drive – or a combination of all four! You can even stay at camping sites or eco-lodges, or treat yourself to a little pampering at a luxury lodge.

Plan your trip to Chobe today.

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