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Constantia is considered one of the most prestigious suburbs in the whole of South Africa and is famed for its selection of fine wines. In fact, this destination is where grapes were first brought over to South Africa. The wine industry first began here back in 1685 and the area now has approximately ten wine farms – eight of which are on a tour route.

The wine farms are one of the must-see attractions during your trip to Constantia. If you’re a fan of wine, you’ll just have to purchase the premium wine sold here as a souvenir to take home. The area’s wine tours are often led by a guide and can be booked in advance.

The most famous and oldest wine estate, situated around 20 minutes from Cape Town, is known as Groot Constantia. Considered one of Cape Town‘s top seven tourist attractions, this estate is worth a visit for anyone in the area – wine lover or not! It offers luxury wine-tasting sessions, of course, but there are also delicious chocolate samples to try, cellar and museum tours and even two impressive restaurants on site.

Located in the Constantia Mountains lies the boutique wine estate of Beau Constantia. Here, you can sample some exquisite handcrafted wines, whilst revelling in the scenic views of the surrounding area. It’s not just wine that’s on offer in Constantia though – there’s plenty to do if you’re interested in trying new activities. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you can have a go at horse riding, mountain biking or hiking to name just a few.

Constantia is also home to winding, narrow roads within the forests which make it a great spot for riding out on a 4×4 trail, quad biking or even ziplining. If you’re a newbie to ziplining, don’t panic as professional guides will be on hand to jump on with you if you don’t fancy going it alone.

If you’re looking to discover great views, immaculate vineyards, fine-dining options and a selection of exciting activities, Constantia could be an ideal inclusion for your trip to South Africa.

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