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If you’ve ever wanted to live on a deserted island, Denis Island is about as close to this as you’ll get. The wild and wonderful green heart of the island holds many mysteries, while the white sands glisten invitingly in the sun. Whether you want an adventure or a solitary sun-seeking experience, this is definitely the place to come to.

Denis Island sits right on the northern tip of the archipelago, in a glorious and secluded spot. There’s barely anything on the island, just one hotel and a farm – that’s it. The rest of the island is completely undisturbed thanks to a restoration project that the owners started decades ago. Now the local environment is back on track, you can really start your adventure.

Go and explore the lush green forest. Trails weave in and out of the trees laced with lilac vines. As you walk through, you’ll probably here some of the locals birds calling from on high. Birdwatchers will love it here as there are plenty of birds you won’t see anywhere else. Look out for the Seychelles warbler and fairy terns. All animal lovers will be amazed by Denis Island; it’s a known breeding place for hawksbill and green sea turtles. The seagrass that sits offshore is perfect for foraging in and the undisturbed beaches are ideal for eggs to hatch successfully.

You can also go on a turtle patrol with the local conservation team to learn more about these creatures. Ask the team about how they got rid of the rats that trampled over the eggs, it’s a great story. The water surrounding Denis Island is full of life and contains nurse sharks, manta rays, sting rays, dolphins and more. Anglers can take a boat out to the ‘drop-off’ to find big game fish. Along with the blue tang fish this might all sound a bit like ‘Finding Nemo’, but as soon as you arrive you’ll see that this is a glorious place to spend a day.

Conservation is a top priority for Denis Island. The Green Islands Foundation is a huge part of this and it leads regular nature walks which fund the preservation of this tropical paradise. This is a great way to see the entire island, so make sure it’s part of your itinerary. It will really help you appreciate this wonderful destination.

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