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It’s one of the most multi-cultural and captivating cities in South Africa, but Durban can often be left aside for its arguably more famous city neighbours.

The third most populated South African city after Johannesburg and Cape Town, Durban will instantly hit you with an eclectic blend of African and Indian culture. With the biggest population of those of Indian descent outside of India itself, there is an unmissable Asian influence offering colourful bazaars and breathtakingly beautiful temples.

Having opened King Shaka International Airport, Durban is not only well connected to the rest of South Africa, but is now also attracting international flights. Since hosting the 2010 World Cup, Durban hasn’t stopped its work to become a more cosmopolitan destination and has seen renovations throughout the entire city. From the bright lights of the harbour to the higher-end suburban areas, you can now find a plethora of bars and restaurants for every mood.

From the Moses Mabhida Stadium, constructed for the World Cup, which offers heart-racing activities, perfect for the adrenaline-lover, to a relaxing stroll around Durban’s Botanic Gardens, there really is something for everyone. If you’re interested in something a little beyond the city gates and want to get in touch with your inner spirituality, you could pay a visit to The Temple of Understanding, the biggest Hare Krishna temple in the southern hemisphere and a fascinatingly-designed building.

Alternatively, make your way out of the city and head to the Gandhi Settlement, which is located in the Phoenix township. Visit Mahatma Gandhi’s own home and find multiple exhibitions about him, his family and their time during the Apartheid.

Durban’s blend of culture is also mirrored in its aesthetics. From the Victorian architecture juxtaposing its Indian mosques, there’s also an urban buzz running parallel to its stunning beachfront and photo-worthy harbour. If you’re thinking of exploring Durban, you’ll most likely make your way to one or more of its beaches during your time in the city. However, this South African destination has more to offer than originally meets the eye.

For travellers who love a taste of both sides of the coin, Durban offers a hard to come by mix of city buzz and seaside beauty. Often underestimated, it’s certainly a city that can more than entertain for a few days.

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