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The provincial town of Fang is a surreal blend of old and new. Modern life clashes with ancient tradition in a wonderful and unforgettable way. Once a key part of the Lanna Kingdom, Fang sits close to the border of Myanmar (Burma). You can still see remnants of the town’s history and culture, though many have been taken over by modern developments. Keep an eye out for old wooden shop houses and Shan-influenced temples among the modern buildings.

Take a trip to Lahu Village and see the nearby tea plantations that sustain local life. You’ll learn a little about the local culture here and take in astounding views on your journey. Try to time your trip for when the locals host a ceremony with the hill tribes. Join in, dance and enjoy the colourful display.

Fang is a great base for more active travellers. From here you can climb up Doi Angkhang; it’s a steep mountain but the views at the top are breathtaking (in more ways than one!).  Visit the Angkhang Station gardens. It’s a fantastic place for a photo or simply some quiet contemplation.

Don’t miss the Fang hot springs. You’ll have to find your way through the green woodland, but you’ll have a great time at the other end. Admire the geyser, bathe in the hot spring baths or have a dip in the cooler pools. You can enjoy a private or public hot spring bath, and there’s nothing quite like being surrounded by woodland while lounging in hot water. Here’s a top tip: buy eggs at the shop and boil them in the hot spring pond. You’ll realise how hot the water is and have a tasty treat at the end of it!

The Fang region covers a large area of sprawling paddies and tree-topped hills. Adventurous travellers can go trekking through these on their own, or with a guide to make sure they reach the best spots.

Fang is a melting pot of different cultures: Shan, Northern Thai, Yunnanese, Kuomintang people and some hill tribes still reside here. This means you’ll see a fantastic mix of mosques, churches, Wats and temples in the area. These all give Fang a complex, but intriguing character.

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