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Félicité is a beautiful beach destination. It’s very close to the islands of ‘the Sisters’, Marianne and the Coco Islands. Félicité is quite a contrast to them, however, as they’re purely nature reserves. However, in Félicité there’s a world-class, luxurious resort, the Six Senses, to rest your head at. The rugged Félicité coastline is very inviting. Tall granite boulders emerge from the water, transforming the landscape into something magical. Some say they look like large animals, so see what you make of them for yourself.

The island’s eco-friendly policy means that most of the activities on Félicité are green. Take a guided nature walk to see how the locals help to maintain the environment and look after the animals. Hiking is a really popular pastime here, thanks to the mountainous terrain. The highest point is 213 metres and gives you fantastic views of the ocean and surrounding islands. There are also plenty of forests to explore. See if you can find the remnants of the old coconut plantation.

After a busy day adventuring, find a spot on one of the stunning white beaches. The pick of the bunch is La Peniche, where you can try diving or snorkelling. If you enjoy the diving here, you should consider taking a trip to Marianne; it has some of the best diving spots in the world. Make sure you also take an hour or two to relax in the spa. It’s built right into the natural boulders and looks out over the beautiful Indian Ocean.

A lesser-known fact about the island is that the British exiled Sultan Abdullah of Perak here after an uprising in Malaysia. We’re not sure he would have minded too much; Félicité is a stunning island paradise all-year-round. Come to Félicité after a few nights in La Digue to embrace its nature and incredible scenery, as well as the island’s simple and peaceful outlook on life.

In the future, developers are going to build more villas and offer more commercial activities here and on the nearby islands. There are even rumours of a championship golf course setting up. We’d recommend you visit now, while it’s still a gloriously natural resort (with a touch of luxury). It really does offer the best of both worlds.

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