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No trip to Japan is complete without visiting Hiroshima, a vibrant city of rebirth, culture and peace.

Hiroshima is of course known for the devastating events of 6th August 1945, when the city was hit by a catastrophic atomic bomb blast. You can learn about the terrible impact of this seismic event and how the city has recovered in its Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, following up with a thoughtful stroll through the tranquil Peace Memorial Park.

The city is also home to countless other historical exhibitions, fascinating museums and contemporary art galleries. You can also glimpse even further back in time at its many majestic shrines and temples, including the famous Itsukushima Shrine.

Other must-visit attractions include Hiroshima Castle, the Miyajima Traditional Product Hall and Shukkeien, the oldest and most beautiful Japanese garden in the area. Arrive on the right day and you can even experience traditional local music and dances at regular events held by Hiroshima Kagura Performance.

But Hiroshima isn’t just a city which dwells on the past. This is a thriving modern city with an irresistible food scene, known for must-try specialities such as Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki and the freshest oysters served every imaginable way.

You’ll also love the many leafy parks and open spaces here, especially in spring and autumn when archways of cherry blossom trees burst into bloom. Head out of the city to its mountainous borders and you can even find delightful natural hot springs.

This makes Hiroshima the perfect spot to unwind and discover a more laid-back side of Japan, as well as learning all about its history and culture.

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