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In search of Canada’s most jaw-dropping scenery? Prepare to fall hard for Jasper, which boasts more magnificent natural treasures than you could ever explore in a lifetime.

Found in Alberta, Jasper National Park is the largest of its kind in the Canadian Rockies. It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and for very good reason.

It’s home to the towering Mount Columbia, the tallest mountain in Alberta. Another jewel in Jasper’s crown is Maligne Lake, the second-largest glacial lake in the world Even just heading into the park, you’ll be blown away by what National Geographic described as one of the most scenic drives in the world.

This part of Canada is a magnet for outdoor adventurers, thrill seekers and nature lovers. There’s no end to the pulse-racing activities you can get up to here, including biking, climbing, camping and fishing.

There’s also an incredible 745 miles of hiking trails to explore. Along the way, you may be lucky enough to spot some of the diverse wildlife that lives here. Some of the most famous creatures include black and grizzly bears, wolverines, elk, deer, mountain goats and bighorn sheep.

Jasper is also a fantastic spot for winter sport, including skiing, snowboarding, snowshoe walks and dogsledding. If you’ve any room left in your itinerary, you can take the Jasper SkyTram up Whistler’s Mountain. Or why not visit the Miette Hot Springs, brave the cliff-edge Glacier Skywalk walkway or take a boat tour on Maligne Lake?

At night, Jasper has even more treasures to discover. All you have to do is look up, where on a clear night you’ll see literally millions of stars. This area is the second-largest Dark Sky Reserve in the world, so it’s a mesmerising destination for stargazing.

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