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Johor Bahru, nicknamed ‘JB’, is a great destination for travellers on a budget. The city sits on the most southern point of Malaysia. It’s the main gateway to Singapore, thanks to the huge causeway that links the two. However, it’s mostly been overlooked by tourists. Admittedly, the area is a little smoggy. But there’s a fantastic blend of Malaysian and Singaporean culture here.

Johor Bahru is a great base for visitors that are strapped for cash. Everything’s a little cheaper here, including the street food, but it’s just as delicious. Make sure you try the traditional shrimp dish known as mee bandung, and the noodles with a thick, sweet potato sauce known as mee rebus. Silver catfish are another delicacy here, so sample a bite or two during your stay.

You’ll also discover that the alcohol in JB is duty-free, so it might come as little surprise that the local nightlife can get pretty wild! If you’re looking to learn about Malaysian culture, head to the Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque or Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass Temple. The intricate detail of these buildings will take your breath away.

Most people come to Johor Bahru on a day-trip to find cheap deals in the shops before heading over to Singapore. However, it’s quietly becoming a little more sophisticated than your average border town. New cafes and boutiques are popping up, and the Iskandar Malaysia partnership with Singapore is starting to develop the tourist areas.

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