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Spanning over 360,000 miles between Namibia, South Africa and Botswana, the Kalahari Desert (which isn’t actually a desert) is an absolute must-visit if you’re making your way through the region. The Kalahari receives far too much rainfall to be classed as an official desert – around 75 to 250 millimetres to be exact. Due to its climate, the Kalahari has an abundance of wildlife. The animals have gradually adapted to the extremely dry conditions and have learned to either go without water or acquire it from the area’s plants.

The region is home to the likes of meerkats, antelopes and lions. Birds are often seen overhead, but are known to come and go frequently due to the dry nature of the land. Many are migratory and tend to visit only when there is enough water present.

Although one might imagine a stereotypical desert as being free of life or activity, there’s plenty to see and do for tourists. In the Namibian area of the Kalahari Desert, you can visit the Gobabis Museum. Its name meaning ‘the drinking place of elephants’, the museum offers exhibitions of the history of the architecture and of cattle farming over the centuries. If you’re keen, you can also request to have a peek at the huge collection of other historic artefacts which aren’t on show to the public.

The Kalahari-Oranje Museum in the region of Upington​ is another great attraction for history and culture enthusiasts. The museum boasts artefacts and documents depicting the rich history of the local area, while the main focal point is the life-sized bronze statue of a donkey outside – a tribute to the work of donkeys in the construction of the building in 1875!

Thrill seekers will be pleased to know that the Bitterwasser Flying Centre is also located in the Namibian region of the Kalahari, where many world records have been achieved. It’s the perfect spot to try your hand at gliding, however, that’s not the only activity on offer.

Covering around 5,500 hectares, the land at the centre holds its very own game park, where visitors may choose to go on a swift hike, a relaxing bike trail or even jump on a 4×4 to experience a game drive.

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