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The small city of Kampong Cham is the ideal stepping stone for exploring Eastern Cambodia.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see the Wat Maha Leap – it’s one of the last remaining wooden pagodas in Cambodia, and over a century old. You can get there by boat from the city, or ask a tuk-tuk driver or local guide to take you. A guided trip takes just under an hour, and the best time to go is between July and December.

For the best views, the hilltop temple of Phnom Hanchey is a must. Climb the hill before 5am to see a spectacular sunrise over the Mekong. Later in the day, a bicycle or motorbike trip to the Chup Rubber Plantation and factory should definitely be on your list.

One of the highlights of Kampong Cham has to be Wat Nokor. Built in the 11th century, this Angkorian temple is a fantastic place to take in the sunset. There’s an interesting building with a series of ancient wall paintings here too.

If you’re looking to sample some authentic Cambodian dishes that you perhaps haven’t tried before, stop off at the local market. Here you’ll find everything from local fruit and veg to pigs’ heads and live fish. Stalls are generally open during daylight hours and it’s a great chance to mingle with the locals. If you’re looking for somewhere casual to dine, you’ll find a host of places to choose from in Kampong Cham, so make sure you explore the local specialities on your trip.

We love Kampong Cham for its super laid-back vibe and beautiful temples. Unlike some of Cambodia‘s busier tourist spots you might know, it’s full of quaint charm and well worth exploring. You can really chill out here and soak up the local culture, while getting an authentic feel for what this beautiful country is all about.

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