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Step back in time at Kanazawa, one of the best-preserved historical cities in the whole of Japan. The capital of Ishikawa, this old castle town is famous for its impeccable Nagamachi samurai district, along with the beautifully preserved Higashi Chaya District – where you’ll find graceful geishas and traditional teahouses.

A gentle stroll through charming Kanazawa under its atmospheric old-fashioned lanterns will also lead you to other photogenic hotspots. These include one of the best landscape gardens in Japan, Kenrokuen. This celebrated garden, formerly part of the original Kanazawa Castle (you’ll find a reconstruction here now), is bursting with flowering cherry trees, water features, bridges and plenty of hidden nooks and viewpoints to explore. It’s simply breathtaking, no matter what season you visit.

Kanazawa is a compact and easily walkable city, and fascinating mix of old and new. Its historic architecture, Chaya teahouses and Myoryu-ji ninja temple acting as a powerful contrast to its many modern art galleries and museums. One of the best is the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, just a short walk from Kenrokuen.

As if you needed any more reason to visit this unique city, Kanazawa is also renowned for its cuisine. Local specialities here include the freshest seafood and sushi, made from ingredients straight out of the Japan Sea.

During your visit, make sure to take a culinary tour of the tiny local sushi shops (reservations are recommended) and finish up at the sensory overload that is the bustling Omicho Market. This is the perfect place to buy and try fish, seafood, tsukemono pickles and fresh vegetables. Your taste buds will thank you.

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