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Kanchanaburi was made famous by the book and film called The Bridge Over the River Kwai, which is loosely based on the history of this astonishing area.

World War II was a dark time in Kanchanaburi. The Japanese forced POWs and conscripted labourers to build a rail route between Thailand and Burma (now known as Myanmar). They routinely tortured these people as they created the now infamous metal bridge that cuts into the green jungle. Ride a section of the ‘Death Railway’ to find out more about this historic part of Kanchanaburi. Visit the museums and memorials in Kanchanaburi to see how the area was really affected.

Kanchanaburi is the gateway to western Thailand’s national park. Here you’ll find mystery, adventure and a riverside resort or two. Kanchanaburi sits on the spot where the Kwai Noi and Kwai Yai meet, so it’s the perfect place to explore this national treasure. You can even go kayaking and rafting down certain sections. The area is home to one of Thailand ‘s most beautiful waterfalls, the Erawan Falls, you can also go on a day trip to spend time with magnificent Asian elephants.

To discover more than just the WWII history, head to the Ban Kao National Museum. Here you’ll find artefacts going back to the Stone Age. You can also check out the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. They’re a little touristy, but a nice addition to any tour of Kanchanaburi. It’s only a few hours’ drive from Bangkok, but many travellers end up staying in Kanchanaburi longer than planned. You need a few days here to really appreciate the area and the history.

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