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Could it be Hawaii’s prettiest island? With stunning natural beauty rivalling that of Maui, the northern island of Kauai truly is a tropical paradise. It’s a land of lush jungles, emerald valleys, gorgeous white sand beaches and rocky coastlines.

Kauai is famous for having some of the most perfect beaches you’ve ever seen in your life. With pristine white powder-soft sands and warm, clear turquoise waters, all you’ll want to do is lie there and bask in the sunshine. Some of Kauai’s best beaches include Poipu, Tunnels Beach, Polihale State Park and the heavenly Hanalei Bay, but there are countless others to discover.

As well as being the most northern, Kauai is also the oldest of the Hawaiian island chain. There are lots of places to enjoy its rich natural history, including Makauwahi Cave. This is a huge sinkhole full of fossils and geological wonders, and it’s one of the most fascinating places to spend an afternoon on the island. Another must-see is Waimea Canyon, known as the ‘Grand Canyon of the Pacific’.

It’s also an adventure playground, with hiking and biking trails snaking across the island. One of the most challenging yet rewarding hikes is the Kalalua Trail, a 22 mile roundtrip that takes two days if you plan to do it all. But along the way you’ll see breathtaking views, discover beautiful secluded beaches and see wild Hawaii in all its natural splendour.

You can also explore the unique and dramatic Na Pali coastline by boat, diving in to enjoy fantastic snorkelling conditions and explore the abundant coral reefs

Known as The Garden Isle, Kauai is laid-back in the most Hawaiian way. It has small town charm in abundance, especially if you pop into either Waimea Town and Hanapepe Town for shopping or a bite of fresh seafood. And if you’re a fan of Hawaiian coffee, there’s also the excellent Kauai Coffee Company to visit.

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