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The island of Kinmen, situated near mainland China, is a must for history nerds. It’s best known for its association with the Chinese Civil War between the Communists and Nationalists and is currently governed by Taiwan. There are reminders of the tensions between the two sides scattered all over the area.

Kinmen isn’t your typical holiday resort in terms of beaches and bustling nightlife, but instead draws visitors due to its culture and history. Villages dating back to the Ming dynasty can still be found, as well as a selection of houses built by wealthy businessmen which showcase European style. You’re also bound to notice numerous structures dotted around the island, alluding to the island’s keen folk tradition. One of the most common are the Wind Lion God statues, which are believed to protect the island and the local people from destructive weather.

Aside from the historic sights, Kinmen is also very well known for its array of festivals which take place throughout the year. These include the City God Welcoming Festival, the Oyster and Wheat Cultural Festival and the Jinhu Beach Clam Season – all of which are annual occasions and pull in visitors from all over the world.

Getting around Kinmen has never been easier, as the island has a regular and trusty bus service which will transport you to many of the main sights. However, many travellers choose to rent a scooter or bike if they’re looking for a bit more freedom. Cycling will give you the chance to see the natural beauty of the island, whether that be the artificial lakes, lush greenery or migratory birdlife. The Shuangli Wetlands Area located in Nanshan Village is a superb option for seeing all sorts of bird species.

Kinmen offers a host of weird and wonderful delicacies you must try and buy whilst visiting. If you have a sweet tooth, be sure to try the local favourite, peanut candy which can be bought in all sorts of flavours. Or, you may opt for the region’s popular Kaoliang liquor which comes in eye-watering concentrations of either 38% or 58% proof. As it’s a locally-sourced product, you’ll have no trouble finding it in most souvenir shops around Kinmen.

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